Titel: The cat came back
Auteur: ?

Old man Johnson had troubles of his own.
Had a little cat that wouldn't leave him alone.
He tried and tried to give him away,
He gave him to a man going far, far away.

But the cat came back, the very next day.
But the cat came back, they thought he was a goner,
But the cat came back, he just couldn't stay away, away, away.

He gave it to a man going up in a ballon
Told him to give it to the man in the moon
The ballon came down about 20 miles away
And where that man is we just can't say.

He gave him to a boy with a dollar note,
Told him to take up the river in a boat,
Tied a rock round its neck must have weighed a hundred pounds,
And now they're dredging the river for the little boy who drowned.

He gave hime to a man going way, way out west,
Told him to give it to the one he favored best,
First the train jumped track, then it hit the rail,
And no one is alive today to tell the gruesome tale.

Old man Johnson said he'd shoot that cat on sight,
So he loaded up his shotgun with nails and dynamite.
He waited and waited for that cat to come around,
But ninety seven pieces of the man were all they ever found

The H-bomb fell just the other day,
The A-bomb fell in the very same way,
Russia went, China went, and the USA
The human race was destroyed without a chance to pray