Titel: One more river
Auteur: ?

One more river and that's the river of Jordan
One more river, there's one more river to cross
Old Noah once he build the Ark,
There's one more river to cross.
And patched it up with hickory bark
There's one more river to cross.

He went to work to load his stock
He anchored the Ark with a great big rock
The animals went in one by one
The elephant chewing a caraway bun
The animals went in two by two
The rhinoceros and the kangaroo
The animals went in three by three
The The bear, the flea and the bumble bee
The animals went in four by four
Old Noah got mad and hollered for more
The animals went in five by five
with Saratoga trunks they did arive
The animals went in six by six
The hyena laughed at the monkey's tricks
The animals went in seven by seven
Said the ant to the elephant, who are you a-shovin'
The animals went in eight by eight
They came with a rush 'cause 'twas so late
The animals went in nine by nine
Old Noah shouted, "Cut that line"
The animals went in ten by ten
The Ark she blew het whistle then
And then the voyage did begin
Old Noah pulled the gang-plank in
They never knew where they were at
Till the old Ark bumped on Ararat
The old ark landed high and dry,
The baboon kissed the cow goodbye