Titel: Worried man blues
Auteur: ?

It takes a worried man to sing a worried song ( 3 X )
I'm worried now, but I won't be worried long

I went across the river and lay down sleep ( 3 X )
When I woke up, I had shackles on my feet

Twenty-nine links of chain around my leg ( 3 X )
And on each link, an initial of my name

I asked the judge, tell me, what's gonna be my fine ( 3 X )
Twenty-one years on the Rocky Mountain line

Twenty-one years to pay my awful crime ( 3 X )
Twenty-one years, but I got ninety-nine

The train arrived twenty-one coaches long ( 3 X )
The girl that I love is on that train and gone

I looked the track down as far as I could see ( 3 X )
Little bitty hand was waving after me

If anyone should ask you, who composed this song ( 3 X )
Tell him was I, and sing it all day long