Titel: Tiny bubbles
Bekend onder andere titels: Your left
Auteur: ?

Tiny bubbles in my wine
Tiny bubbles they look so fine

Your left, your left
Your left, right left,
Left, your left
Your military left

Little twinkles in my glass
Make me thinking how it was

All these glasses standing here
Drunk them all wine and beer

The biggest reason for this show
You left me standing in this show

Now I'm marching against my will
Through this drinking I'm going still

I ask the serg and hope to hear
That he tells me the end is near

The serg is saying no man run
You have to laugh marching is fun

Giant blisters under my feet
Like's me dying in these streets

At the end of this song
The march is ended and the drinking begun

There's a problem we want to tell
Tomorrow's marching 's Gonna be an hell