Titel: On a ring a rang a roo
Auteur: ?

On a ring-a-rang-a-roo
Hey what is that
It's soft and moist
Just like a pussycat
All covered with hair
And split in two
That's what we call
On a ring-a-rang-a-roo

There was a virgin once
Who's never been kissed
She had long blond hair
Never knew she missed
She was growing old
Doesn't know what to do
Then once she died
On a ring-a-rang-a-roo

And when she died
God laid her down
Her long blond hair
All over the ground
He gave her inches one
He gave her inches two
He came all night
On a ring-a-rang-a-roo

She's laying there
All covered with sip
With plenty of guys
Around her fingertips
They came by one
They came by two
They came all night
On a ring-a-rang-a-roo

Then she went to hell
To meet the devil there
He started to dance
Like Fred Astaire
But the devil gets a horn
No, the devil gets two
They were horny all night
On a ring-a-rang-a-roo

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