Titel: No goodbyes
Auteur: Linda Wagemakers
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Don't you know what you are doing to me
This ain't a way to work things out
Tell me something that I've never heard before
We gotta get off this crazy roundabout

No more doubting, no more fears
No more cheating, no more tears
No more questions, no more lies
No farewells, no goodbyes
No goodbyes
I don't understand why you keep saying
Oh, everything's just fine, there's nothing wrong
Something has been happening that we cannot ignore
It's time for us to sing a different song.


Don't say anything you wish you hadn't said
Just say nothing at all
Cause I know, nothing's wrong when you go
Don't say goodbye
Don't say goodbye
No goodbyes
Don't say anything you wish you hadn't said, my baby
No, no, no, no, oh