Titel: When I'm sixty-four
Bekend onder andere titels: Will you still need me
Auteur: The Beatles
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When I get older losing my hair many years from now
Will you still be sending me a valentine
Birthday greetings, bottle of wine ?
If I'd been out till quarter to three
Would you lock the door ?

Will you still need me
Will you still feed me
When I'm sixty-four ?

You'll be older too
And If you say the word
I could stay with you

I could be handy mending a fuse when your lights have gone
You can knit a sweater by the fireside
Sunday mornings, go for a ride
Doing the garden, digging the weeds
Who could ask for more ?


Ev'ry summer we can rent a cottage
On the Isle of Wight
If it's not too dear

We shall crimp and save
Grandchildren on your knee
Vera, Chuck and Dave

Send me a postcard
Drop me a line stating point of view
Indicate precisely what you mean to say
Yours sincerely wasting away

Give me your answer, fill in a form
Mine for ever more
Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm sixty-four