Titel: We're the scouts of chief B-P (Jamboree 1937)
Auteur: ?

(5th World Jamboree-Vogelenzang-Holland 1937)

We're Scouts from ev'ry nation,
Of ev'ry creed and station,
With one determination to be friends.
We're gathered for a meeting,
A few days swiftly fleeting,
We've brought to all a greeting from their friends.
From East and West you'll find us here
From countries far away:
From North and South and lands quite near
Assembled here to day.


Jam-bo-ree - jam-bo-ree - J-A-M-B-O-R-E-E,
Jam-bo-ree-ree-ree, Jam-bo-ree - jam-bo-ree
We are the Scouts of Chief B.P.
A Scout meets Scout as brother,
No matter what their colour,
and maybe quite another tongue they speak.
It really does not matter,
You still will hear them chatter,
As down the streets the clatter, they're unique.
A kindly word, a friendly smile,
You'll get from every Scout.
You'll hear them whistle all the while
That trouble is about.

The nations strive and wrangle,
Ideals get all a-tangle,
Distrust will quickly strangle Brotherhood.
Suspicions bring disaster,
Ill feelings grow the faster,
And enmity will master Brotherhood.
A League of Youth of every nation,
We, the scouts, proclaim:
For friendship is the world's salvation,
This our foremost aim.