Titel: Scouts of all the world (Jamboree 1920)
Auteur: ?

(1st World Jamboree, Olympia, London, England 1920)


Let us march and sing together.
From whatever clime we come
Or whatever kind of weather.
We have left behind at home:
Be it cold, with ice and snow,
My boys, or heat, with tropic rain,
Let us smile and whistle till we meet again!

For a Scout meets scout as brother,
In whatever place it be,
And saluting one another,
As a token they are free
And are not the slaves of tyrants
But will honour what is true,
As their Chief has shown each one the way to do.

So will grow a league of nations
That will cause all war to cease,
And to future generations,
Bring the fruits of happy peace.
Then those men will be the leaders
Who have courage to do right
And old wrongs,
The only foes we have to fight.