Titel: When the lady smiles
Auteur: Golden Earring
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When the lady smiles, you know it drives me wild
Her lips are warm and recourceful
When her fingertips go drawing circles in the night
And the mood is soft and sensual

And I love it, yeah I love it
It's the answer to all my dreams
Every time it feels like

the earth is shaking, it doesn't matter
A glass is falling, I hear it shatter
May be it's raining, faster and faster
Shadow, dancing together
O oh, I, I'm betting on the game of love
O-o-o-oh, I, I'm betting that love is gonna come out
When the walls no longer shout
Back at me and I'm feeling proud
When the lady smiles, she holds me her hand
As a matter of fact she could always let me down
But when the lady smiles, I can't resist her call
As a matter of fact, I don't resist at all
Cause we're walking on clouds
And she is leading the way

My friends tell me :"She's the beast inside your paradis"
I guess you've heard it all before
A fallen angel - That has got you hypnotized
And that always needs some more

And I love it, yeah I love it
She's done nothing to miss with me
Ev'ry time we meet the earth is shaking